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• 1/3/2016

Calculating PP differences per part

Joealex23 very kindly edited the McLaren P1™ GTR page and the commented that the +PP rating per part should be calculated per level and not per part.

Joe, thank you so much for your time and effort in improving the wiki!

I see where you're coming from – the total +PP per level should add up to the total +PP gained over (more on this later) – but I'm going to respectfully disagree, at least on the per part basis, and here's why: The order in which you upgrade the parts within each leve makes a difference to the +PP gained (or lost!) for that part (and the other parts).


It may not be completely clear what I'm going on about, so here are some examples and proof with the P1. Let's set everything to stock (647PP) and start upgrading each part to Stage 1, beginning with the engine:

Everything stock at 647 PP and upgrading to Stage 1 parts

Part PP PP change
Engine 651 +4
Turbo 652 +1
Intake 654 +2
Nitrous 654 0
Body 656 +2
Tires 659 +3
Transmission 661 +2

Try again, starting with the Turbo

Part PP PP change
Turbo 650 +3
Intake 652 +2
Nitrous 651 -1
Body 654 +3
Tires 657 +3
Transmission 658 +1
Engine 661 +3

Oh dear, now what? Does upgrading the turbo to Stage 1 add 1 or 3 PP? What about the engine? Does taking that to Stage 1 add 4 or 3 PP? And the Nitrous? Should taking this to Stage 1 make the PP change by nothing or -1?

What if we begin with the Intake?

Part PP PP change
Intake 649 +2
Nitrous 649 0
Body 652 +3
Tires 654 +2
Transmission 656 +2
Engine 659 +3
Turbo 661 +2

Okay, so this time let's look at the ties - does taking them to Stage 1 add 3 (as in the first two example) or only 2 PP? And now we have to decide if the turbo, bless it, is going to add 1 (example 1), 3 (example 2) or 2 (example 3) PP?

I could go on, but I got bored and I think my point is already made. So you see, it's not simple (thanks Boss Alien!).

Going through this exercise has shown one thing that your method is definitely an improvement over however, and that's the total PP for all Stage 1 parts seems to remain constant no matter which order you add the parts in. As a result of this, I have a suggestion:

Let's remove all per part PP changes from the tables!

While playing the game, I don't think I've ever needed to know how the PP rating is going to change when I add or remove a part – so why waste our time adding information on this especially when it seems to vary based on the number of other parts currently upgraded?

Since the "all-parts-upgraded-to-the-same-stage" figure seems to be constant, let's record that instead? We could add a new table to just show that, or perhaps add it into the Part Pricing Table instead?

Thanks again for your contribution, I hope this doesn't scare you off and look forward to your reply :)

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• 1/4/2016

Thanks for this Stash, after i last edited the P1 GTR page i noticed the same thing with other cars, and is really cofusing how works that of the +PP for every car, and is how you say, it always change when you start with one different part or if you upgrade everything level by level, so, i think is better just remove that of the +PP and don't break our minds with that, only the guys from "Boss Alien" know how that "system" really works, but, if you want we can do it how you say, you decide. 

And thanks again for take your time for write this, is good to see someone that really cares about CSR Racing and we can share our ideas.

• 1/4/2016

You're welcome and thanks for your input.

I've gone ahead and removed the ratings column from the part details on the P1 page. The result is even better than I hoped – the page is just cleaner and clearer now and the useful information isn't as hidden with stuff you just don't need.

I'll update the template page and start gradually updating existing pages.

P.S. While I do most things in Source Editor (since it doesn't get in your way as much) removing columns from tables is MUCH quicker in the Visual Editor.

• 1/4/2016

No problem man, and yeah, now looks really good, i will edit the other pages.

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