Errol, a Londoner, is the leader of the Tier 5 crew, the Silver Skulls and is the final boss of CSR Racing before the International and World Tour parts of the storyline. The crew control the city district Rossati, a district east of the War Pigs' territory. Errol was once the final boss of the single player.

After the player beats Carlito, in the ensuing conversation, the player learns that Errol is fairly new to racing, and used to be just a kid in the skatepark. He knows nothing about the racing legend Chuck Knoxville/Nitro, and his cold attitude makes him uninterested about the racing legend. He wears a pair of red, polarized sunglasses.

Errol races exclusively in an Audi R8 LMS Ultra with custom livery. He commonly patronizes the player for his failures against him or his crew, much like other crew leaders, but in a much more deliberate, harsh manner. Errol commonly believes that the failures of his crew and himself to the player are not their faults, but rather bad luck and possibly rigging by the Race Official. After the player defeats him for the final time, all five crew leaders will give comments to the player regarding their victory. While the first four crew leaders will applaud the player for their efforts, Errol is still bitter and bent on revenge, offering the player a high stakes challenge. Read more.

On the World Tour, Shifty Jack will mention how Errol has warned him about the player and not to underestimate him. Not surprisingly, Shifty Jack will behave similarly to Errol, but in a somewhat warmer fashion. Errol mentions Shifty Jack later when working with the player in the Evolution section of La Finale.

In the Evolution portion of La Finale, Errol will mention to the player how he had nothing of value, not even a car, and that he received a donation (which he learns later on to be from Nitro) to help purchase his first car and use it to achieve success. In the Evolution portion, he seems to have become much less patronizing and more of an anti-hero at the player's aid, as he despises Nitro's lavish strategies to put CSR on the map, enough that he wants the player to put him in his place.

Any Tier 5 cars can help you win the high stakes challenge. Cars such as the RUF RT12, Ferrari F12berlinetta, and Koenigsegg Agera R are suitable. However, other cars like the Nissan GTR NISMO GT3 and Donkevoort D8 GTO may not be recommended for the high stakes challenge, as they do not reach to their top speed completely. In Payback, any of the World Tour and International cars are powerful enough to win Errol's car. Both the Ferrari LaFerrari and FXX K are better choices.