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  • R8 Tyke and I noticed your 2nd ban, and I really need to address the anger issues you are having. Especially because I am unable to find flaws in some of their replies.

    As far as I know, when people talk crap about GL rather than VE, you get really upset about it. Unfortunately, your haters are using this to their advantage (and probably making other people generate negative impressions towards you). Even more unfortunate, there is absolutely nothing you can do about it (which is why I try to stay away from such arguments). While I follow your belief, it is basically a waste of time trying to argue with them about this; as with arguing with people with permanent mindsets.

    If you are thinking I want you to follow their side, well I am not. You don't have to retract your current episode ideas, or try to gain their positive view. But you really need to make responses that do not allow them to have chances to take advantage of you (eg: any comment that does not degenerate someone else). I bet you (and your date) would not want to see you getting all the hate you don't actually need from people who are not affilated with the haters.

    While I seem like a pussy, sometimes there are fights we should not even bother participating; instead, it is best to lay low at times. They have put all the heat on you and you really need to law low before they can get nearly the whole world to be against you. In your episodes you can write about their consequences, but this isn't the case in real life.

    Regarding the part where they don't want your appearances in the forums, you may disregard that, just avoid comments/responses that will be a magnet to them.

    Hope I did not add fuel to your fire. But the last thing R8 Tyke I want to see is you getting permabanned from finishing your awesome episodes.

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    • On a side note, now that showbiz fan wishes to get himself featured further (even after you wrote about his fate).... I tried stating that I have zero authority on introducing real people to the storyline that do not appear in your ones, or alter the fate of the included characters.... there are only two options; either negotiate with him regarding this or tell him his ideas will not be included (obviously you will choose the 2nd option). Either way, make sure you do not raise your voice (or a third ban hammer by admins will result).

      And another side note, you probably should not have left that comment on his opinion blog.....

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    • well, i chose option 2: his ideas can't be included. i denied the permission and even told him there's absolutely nothing he can do about it other than just go along with it. i even asked him to leave us alone. which is in your message wall R8 tyke created when i was banned for a week.

      we'll end up using this message wall of mine for our ideas after this.T_T

      you'll also need to let R8 tyke know of this situation.

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  • Hey Azefland, just to let you know that I've uploaded an MP tune on my blog here, maybe you can check it.

    BTW, I really miss your Asphalt Stories series (and I guess TF2014 also). In fact, we haven't uploaded a blog since you got banned, and we're waiting for your return.

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    • Azelfland wrote:
      looking forward to it.:)

      also, for my Asphalt stories, i'll make a preview of season 9. for the TouchDrive tutorial, i'll make a reference to the intro from Need For Speed Carbon, where Vincent tries to catch me in his Arash AF10, while i'm in my LaFerrari. also, there will be flashbacks. and i'll be full of the desire of revenge, like you.

      another thing i'll do is this. a reference to The House Of The Dead Overkill. also, Tweak and Nuke betray Azelfland.exe -for real, this time- and join us. here it is:

      TF2014: *plays PSY-Gangnam Style on the radio of his Lancer*

      TweakRacer: *turns it off* WHAT IS THIS S**T YOU'RE PLAYING?!>:(

      TF2014: dude, that's Gangnam Style, one of the best songs in history.:I

      TweaKRacer: that's some offensive s**t you're playing!>:(

      TF2014: have you ever thought of therapy?:I

      TweakRacer: what the f**k for?!>:(

      TF2014: all you do is get pissed at and with just about anyone and anything. i'm attempting conversation with you.:I

      TweakRacer: conver-f***ing-sation?!>:(

      TF2014: yes, CONVER-MOTHERF***ING-SATION! but you know what? i'm gonna shut up! you play your music. you play it your way. and I WILL JUST DRIVE.>:(

      TweakRacer: can i drive?:)

      TF2014: no.>:(

      TweakRacer: can i have a lollipop?:)

      TF2014: yes.>:P

      so, what do you think?:)

      speaking of multiplayer, for Asphalt 9's multiplayer system,  you're matched with players that are in the same league with you. also, you need an XBox Live account to play multiplayer. and create your own club. and for leaderboard events.:P

      That's a nice one. ^_^

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    • TransportFan2014 wrote:
      I am referring to both of them as well as P1 Boy (remember you made him a bad guy from the Civic Champ all the way to the Yamaha EDD?)

      yeah. until he learned the error of his ways.

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